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No one should have to choose between Food, Shelter, and Transportation. That choice is being forced on our people every day.

We must ensure a safe city, an affordable city, and room to grow for all. 

It starts with your municipal election on October 24th. Vote Bryan Richardson for Ward 3 Councillor. 

As a Kitchener City Councillor, my focus will be:

1) Affordable housing

2) Safe Neighbourhoods

3) Accessible Healthcare
4) Building Infrastructure for the Future

5) Fiscal Responsibility

As a local small business owner, I know all too well how difficult the last few years have been, and will use my knowledge, expertise, and perseverance to help our local businesses and economy to grow.

1) Housing Affordability

Our own citizens can no longer afford to live and rent in this city. Working families are being forced onto the streets.

- Build smarter: Zone for and build more low-rise, 2-3 bedroom family units and rental options to alleviate the housing crisis and provide affordable homes for all. 

- Implement as-of-right Zoning:  Remove restrictions for lot sizes, setbacks, separation for multi-tenant homes, and parking minimums which only serve to decrease affordability.

- Stop large corporate ownership of affordable single family homes, duplexes, triplexes, and town homes, and develop an increased municipal tax program that will make mass purchases of these homes unprofitable.

- Work with developers: Provide a standard, quality template for the type and height of buildings that are best suited for each area to limit red-tape that slows builds. This way we can maintain the heritage of our beautiful city, but provide much-needed homes.

This crisis is already out of control. We can no longer standby to wait and see. We must take action.


2) Safe Neighbourhoods

The Housing Crisis has pushed many onto the streets, and many more are at risk. Local crime is on the rise.  Many of our streets are unsafe for our families. Our policies and infrastructure must keep our citizens Safe.

- Remove zoning restrictions and allow builds of affordable housing so working families are off the streets.  Increase non-market affordable housing units to ensure those in need get the housing they need. 

- Build Multi-Use pathways and increase traffic-calmed neighbourhoods to slow aggressive traffic. We must ensure the safety of children, walkers, bikers and make alternative forms of travel safe and viable.

- Fund and reimplement community-led public safety initiatives, such as crime prevention councils.

- Increase lighting and security measures in afflicted areas.

- Increase funding and develop "upstream" programs to lower need for constant policing in the long run: Mental health support, addiction support, shelters and housing.

3) Healthcare Crisis

People are unable to get the care they need. Kitchener must be a beacon of healthcare for the region and the province as a whole. Our nursing and long term care homes are experiencing over 60% turnover, with no one to train the new generation of nurses properly.

- Create incentive programs to attract and retain experienced nurses and doctors to live and work in our city, ensuring a healthy population from youths to seniors.


No one in this city should fear that, in an emergency, our healthcare system won't be there to care for their family.  


4) Build for the Future

We must also ensure a focus on building proper infrastructure to support the growth of our city, which will provide good jobs to local workers and ensure that Kitchener will be a major economic hub for Ontario.

We must also focus on environmentally smart infrastructure, ensuring alternate forms of travel are safe and viable on our main arteries. 

5) Fiscal Responsibility

We must ensure that every dollar spent is having the most impact.  Provincial mandates have undercut our cities, and so it is up to the municipality to focus on projects that improve the most lives, and provide the most benefits to our people.


A Focus on Homes, Health, Safety


About Bryan Richardson

Bryan is a local resident and successful small business owner.  He is active in the local community, having volunteered with or raised money for many local organizations and charities, such as Lutherwood, Food4Kids, Carizon Mental Health, and more!

Like you, Bryan grew up knowing the value of money and hard work. As a small business owner, it is very important to him to pay his employees a living wage. He knows what it means to struggle as the cost of living rises. Bryan lives in a two-bedroom apartment in Kitchener, so he knows the frustration of sky-high housing and rental costs as well as inaccessible public transit.  Like many of you during the pandemic, Bryan lost people he cared about due to non-Covid related issues because the healthcare system was overloaded.  Now, with the Provincial Government's insistence on privatization, we face similar issues. Bryan is dedicated to ensuring that these situations will never happen to you or your family.

Bryan's ultimate goal is to level the playing field:

Provide opportunities for affordable housing.

Provide and maintain a stable and accessible healthcare system. 

Provide a safe community for all. 


Take Part in Something Great


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